Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's in a name...

So, my Twin is preggers again and will not know the sex of said child for a couple of more weeks.
Her first, my nephew Hobbit (not his real name), has a good name made up of Chef's (hubby o Twin) 2 grandfather's names. Because Chef named Hobbit, Twin gets to totally name this baby.
Her first choice for a boy (and they are hoping for a boy) is August...and then they can call him Augie or Gus. ERP.
To me August sounds like a girls name - or at best an androgynous name (a la "Pat")...and Augie just brings up images of Augie Doggie and Augie Daddy, the cartoon.
Now, one of the best blogs about, imho, is Defective Yeti and lo and behold what he has to say about this name.
I dunno, maybe it is because I am a DINK and only have to worry about naming my pets...perhaps I am just "out of it" when it comes down to children's naming conventions of the 21st century...but if Twin names baby 2 "August", I see me having to find a more suitable nickname and making sure that sticks harder than his real name.
After all, what else is an Evil Auntie for?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crocodile down...

My hubby has always said that the Crocodile Hunter was going to go out in a grisly way...and like a modern day Cassandra, he was totally right.

Steve Irwin has died in a manner, while very appropo for what he lived his life doing.

I suppose there are worse ways to go than having a venomous sting ray spine thrust thru you heart...but right now, I can't imagine what that could be.

In recorded history, there has only been one person to actually survive a cardiac sting (read about it here).

I only hope that Terri (Mrs. the Crocodile Hunter) and their kids are going to be fine.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

this one's for girlzoot...

...and she knows why...go on ask her :)

‘Badgers on a Hovercraft’

At some point Hollywood is going to run out of either vehicles or animals and that's where Roger Corman steps in, executive producing this “we'll never be out of animals or vehicles” knock-off. Did anyone besides me see “Dinocroc”? Corman can do anything. Besides, badgers are both mean and dangerous on land. Hovercrafts make them extra angry. Expect this to go straight to video

Friday, July 07, 2006

a special thanks... the friendly EMT's at Silver Springs yesterday for patching me up so nicely.

They were friendly and I have gotten most of the blood out of my clothes!

Use your imagination to come up with what I came down with (hint: although there are wild monkeys about - it was not ebola [nor was it the plague, Mr. Vidal]).

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!

i am coming to you live from the Space Coast where i am visiting my p's and most of the rest of my family (including my incredibly cute 8 month old nephew, the hobbit) was the launch of the space shuttle Discovery and i was lucky enough to watch it from the beach off Jefferson street in Cape Canaveral (for you who need to know it is halfway between Jetty Park and the Cocoa Beach Pier) which lies about 6 miles from the launch pad.
the shuttle launch was picture perfect (i will try to post some pics when i return to denver as my p's computer is way to slow for any decent uploads/downloads).
tomorrow i am dragging my mom to some touristy places (Ron Jons, Cocoa Beach Surf Co, etc) and thursday we are off to SILVER SPRINGS!!
i know you are sooo jealous :)
anyway - hello from florida - wish you were here!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

great hike

if anyone is in the denver metro area - might i recommend a nice day trip?
check out Castlewood Canyon State Park !

nice hikes - easy to get to - good picnic area - nice visitor center and a neat bit o' history - the remains of the Castlewood Canyon Dam. The dam broke in August 1933 and the resulting deluge was felt (and smelt) in downtown Denver - 30 miles downstream.

zoot, rx princess and i did a couple of miles worth of trails beside the prosaic Cherry Creek; we splashed around in the creek and when a fellow hiker found a pretty big crawdad we oohed and ahhed over the find and then we put it back.

make sure you pack plenty of H2O (especially for the doggies) and some sun screen and go explore Colorado.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


My 8th wedding anniversary is this week and i felt an urge to look up what the traditional 8 year anniversary gift is (bronze or pottery) and what the modern gift idea is (appliances, linens, lace, tourmaline jewelry). Throwing traditional conventions aside, we are not really exchanging gifts this year, but instead we are going to take some white-water kayaking lessons. Thus continues our own tradition of doing something stupid/dangerous on our wedding anniversary because really, getting married is one of the more stupid/dangerous ideas around.

What interests me is that the guide that had the info on what the traditional/modern gifts for anniversaries are - went all the way up to the 100th wedding anniversary. 100 freaking years of marriage? Holy matrimony, Batman! What is the proper gift for a 100th wedding anniversary you might ask? (well go on, ask)...It is a 10 carat diamond.

After 100 years of marriage who could muster the strength to lift 10 carats? I think one would be lucky to lift the spoon of gruel to your beloved's lips.