Monday, November 29, 2004


I have a unique work schedule (well, it is unique in the experience of my past work schedules).
I work Tuesday - Friday noon to 9pm and then Saturdays 8am to 5pm.
I have Sundays and Mondays off.
So, this morning as Zoot, Monkey and all my other friends (excepting Lex, he has an even crazier work schedule than I do) got up, struggled thru the snow that we got in Denver over the last 24 hours (tummy high on my beagle)...I was still in bed...
Not trying to rub this in...ok...maybe I am.

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Zoot, Rx Princess and I went to a local outlet mall yesterday for some awesome shopping.
We got there before 8am and, surprisingly, there were not that many shoppers about. By the time we left (around noon) there still weren't that many shoppers milling about.
What gives? The day after Turkey Day is supposedly the busiest shopping date in the year.
Oh well...Zoot, Rx Princess and I mostly bought stuff for ourselves anyway.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Does not play well...

After going out and having a wonderful Turkey Day dinner at a local swanky hotel...the gang came over to Casa de Beagle to eat pie and play cards.
Red, Rx Princess, Thing 2, Monkey, Zoot and I were playing a card game where you can "screw" your opponents...I take advantage of my opportunities and pretty much wipe out 3 of my adversaries in 1 hand.
As they grumbled a bit about it, Bear pipes up from the couch:
"Well, she never did play well with others."
and everyone agreed!!
Guess I shouldn't giggle like a mad-woman when I am destroying them at cards.
PS...I guess I learned my lesson when everyone then ganged up on me and eventually I lost.
PPS...naw...the only lesson I really learned was to keep my evil giggles on the inside while crushing my foes.

Friday, November 19, 2004

This is spinal tap (almost)...

Well, my first post and it is rather an ego-centric one (as if having a blog isn't ego-centric enough)...

About 8 or 9 weeks ago I woke up with a pain in my butt (my left side to be precise) and all the way down the back of my left leg and foot. After a week of driving Bear insane with my not being able to sleep or find relief, I went to my GP.
The GP gave me some pain meds (mmm...pain meds) and said "most back pain either goes away within 6 weeks or we will need to explore more extreme measures"...he also recommended that I see a physical therapist to see if some "strengthening exercises" would help out.
So I go the the PT for 3.5 weeks and go back to my GP...the pain is still there and I am popping darvocet and vicodin like a housewife from 1962 to stay sane. Says the GP to I, "Go get yerself an MRI" off I went.
The MRI wasn't bad (I actually fell asleep in the cocoon-like tube) and I made an appointment with a specialist (a neurosurgeon specializing in spinal issues) my GP recommended to go over my spinal polaroids.
So, I go to the neurosurgeon, a very nice, funny guy and we view my MRI pics...ah, says he, you have a classic "dark disc" at my L5. After talking with Dr. Neurosurgeon and having him admit that at my tender age of 33 I am way to young to consider surgery at this point...we decided on a course of "cortisone epidurals" to quell the inflammation at the bulge in my disc. This will not cure the bulge, but it should give me enough relief to go about my life...if not from one shot, then maybe a couple more...but the bad news is that if I need more than 3 shots (over time)...then a discectomy will probably be the fix I will need.

Well, to make a long story short (TOO LATE!)...I had my first (and hopefully last) cortisone epidural today.
I have to say 1 thing about this shot in my spine...OUCH. I know the pain is partly psychological (I am fascinated by medical things until sharp implements are headed my way) but it is also real; the injection site is puffy and sore. The doc who did it said that it will most likely hurt for 24 more hours (now about 15 hours) before I will begin to notice (hopefully) the pain that I have had in my back and leg for 9 weeks subside and (hopefully) go away.
Here's hoping...

Special thanks to Rx Princess and the rest of the gang who wished me well and offered luv and support.
Special Special thanks to Girlzoot and Nurse Commando who brought me a chocolate shake this evening and played a game with me to pass the time for a while.
Special Special (factorial) thanks to my Mom who has had cortisone epidurals for the same reason a few years ago...medical research shows that lower spinal issues can be hereditary, who knew that I would get the Pearl family nose AND the Hayne family L5 issues...and who has supported me via phone and email in regards to this issues.
And last, but never ever least, special thanks to my hubby of hubbies, Bear, for putting up with my whining, bitching, tossing, turning, fear and other related maladies while I have been going thru this. He went into the operating chamber and watched the procedure being done and was fascinated by the fluoroscope view of my lower spine. When we got home and I was all ouchy and grumpy, he said something that made me smile "you know, even your spine is cute!"

Let's hear it for having a cute spine and not having acute spine pain!