Thursday, November 25, 2004

Does not play well...

After going out and having a wonderful Turkey Day dinner at a local swanky hotel...the gang came over to Casa de Beagle to eat pie and play cards.
Red, Rx Princess, Thing 2, Monkey, Zoot and I were playing a card game where you can "screw" your opponents...I take advantage of my opportunities and pretty much wipe out 3 of my adversaries in 1 hand.
As they grumbled a bit about it, Bear pipes up from the couch:
"Well, she never did play well with others."
and everyone agreed!!
Guess I shouldn't giggle like a mad-woman when I am destroying them at cards.
PS...I guess I learned my lesson when everyone then ganged up on me and eventually I lost.
PPS...naw...the only lesson I really learned was to keep my evil giggles on the inside while crushing my foes.


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