Friday, December 31, 2004

Auld Lang Syne...

Which is Gaelic, as we all know, for "get piss-drunk on New Years Eve and call up your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to cajole or threaten".

Hope everyone out there in blogger-land has a fun and safe New Years!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Oh No!

I have become a dreaded "blog slacker".

Must post more of my amusing musings in 2005!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


To my dearest husband, Bear:

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Bear!
Happy Birthday to You! *

Thank you for being a wonderful person and an even better hubby!
I love you!

*sung to the tune of 'April in Paris'

Monday, December 13, 2004

links o fun

Combine "Buffy the Musical" with "Lord of the Rings"...why the hell not!

for you pervy hobbit fanciers:

for you weird crossover fic fans...Buffy meets Hercules:

(yes, how did you guess I was a Buffy fan??)

More links later!


I finished Bear's birthday shopping tonight after work. It is tough having his birthday right before Christmas...I have always tried not to get him a bigger/more expensive present and then saying "and that is for BOTH your b-day and x-mas". I am a twin and my sister and I usually got shafted by relatives and friends growing up who would buy us something to share or buy us the same thing - except different colors or do what my grandma did all the time: if her budget was to spend 20$ per grandkid for birthdays, she would spend 10$ for me and 10$ for sis. So, I have made a vow not to shaft my friends and loved ones for their birthdays by giving nice gifts and/or planning fun outings.

Last year Bear was the only 35 year old with a "theme" birthday...he had a Lord of the Rings party and got gifts from/inspired by/ripped off of the books/movies. We also determined who of our friends represented which LotR character. Bear was Gimli (a 6'3" Gimli) and, unsurprisingly, I was voted "most likely to screw things up" yep, I am Pippen.

This year we went bowling at a hip new place and had a pretty good time (fyi...don't bowl with Red, he's a ringer!), bought some cheesecake and ate some pretty good Italian food. A bit more low-key than last year, but Bear declared that he had a good time.

On his birthday proper (the bowling party was a couple of days ago to accomdate schedules) I plan on giving him gifts from me and the pets (yes, I am one of those women who buy gifts/cards for people from my pets) and feeding him chocolate cake 'til he 'spodes.

All in all, not a bad way to turn 36. I just hope he likes what the dog bought him.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Time Sucker

I love MMORPG's (massive multiplayer online role playing games for you who aren't in the geeky know) and currently EQ2 has me under its spell.

I know that some of my gaming buddies are liking WOW right now. But I am a simple woman, with simple needs and EQ2 seems to be filling those needs right now (needs like killing bastard dark elves, icky trolls and taking out my aggression out on some orks as well).

I have played EQ (the first time around), DAOC, SW:G and now EQ2 and have realized long ago what a monumental time-suck these games are...I mean, I could be doing laundry or composing music or even spending time with Bear, Girlzoot or any number of friends...but I know that I will play this game for a few months (until the snow melts) in the wee hours (when I can't really bug anyone anyway) and then I will get back to reality.

So, if you are playing EQ2, watch out for half-elf bard Kalendra on the Nektulos server!

Working Late

The only cool thing about working late when you are salaried is that you have a "good" excuse for picking up bad-for-you takeout on the way home, because you had to work late...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Note to self...

Do not drink 6 raspberry ice teas at Red Robin between 10pm and 11pm and expect to go to sleep anytime soon.
FYI getting up at 7am to go to work today was very, very difficult.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

New specs

I guess that I need to get some new glasses as I have been getting heinous headaches from reading both computerized text and hard copies (which I have to do every day). I have had my present ocular aids for about 2.5 years and Girlzoot informed me this evening that I really should be switching out the old specs at least every 18 months...
So beginith my quest for new glasses...and perhaps some contact lenses.
Bear is getting his eyeballs lasered in January but I am still leery of the process. Besides, Bear's eyes are better than mine with only a mild nearsidedness. I am stuck with severe astigmatism and severe nearsidedness. Rx Princess got her eyeballs zapped earlier in the year with much success and loves not having glasses...Bear is going to the same doctor so I know he will be in good hands.
If I lived in the time before lens grinding...I am sure I would be sitting in a cave just tending the fire as that would be the only thing I could probably focus on.