Monday, December 13, 2004


I finished Bear's birthday shopping tonight after work. It is tough having his birthday right before Christmas...I have always tried not to get him a bigger/more expensive present and then saying "and that is for BOTH your b-day and x-mas". I am a twin and my sister and I usually got shafted by relatives and friends growing up who would buy us something to share or buy us the same thing - except different colors or do what my grandma did all the time: if her budget was to spend 20$ per grandkid for birthdays, she would spend 10$ for me and 10$ for sis. So, I have made a vow not to shaft my friends and loved ones for their birthdays by giving nice gifts and/or planning fun outings.

Last year Bear was the only 35 year old with a "theme" birthday...he had a Lord of the Rings party and got gifts from/inspired by/ripped off of the books/movies. We also determined who of our friends represented which LotR character. Bear was Gimli (a 6'3" Gimli) and, unsurprisingly, I was voted "most likely to screw things up" yep, I am Pippen.

This year we went bowling at a hip new place and had a pretty good time (fyi...don't bowl with Red, he's a ringer!), bought some cheesecake and ate some pretty good Italian food. A bit more low-key than last year, but Bear declared that he had a good time.

On his birthday proper (the bowling party was a couple of days ago to accomdate schedules) I plan on giving him gifts from me and the pets (yes, I am one of those women who buy gifts/cards for people from my pets) and feeding him chocolate cake 'til he 'spodes.

All in all, not a bad way to turn 36. I just hope he likes what the dog bought him.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Shayachern said...

I am sorry we missed it... stupid work. Though rest assured, our schedule will now actually give us evenings off, so no more missing fun stuff with friends because we have to work :)


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