Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Time Sucker

I love MMORPG's (massive multiplayer online role playing games for you who aren't in the geeky know) and currently EQ2 has me under its spell.

I know that some of my gaming buddies are liking WOW right now. But I am a simple woman, with simple needs and EQ2 seems to be filling those needs right now (needs like killing bastard dark elves, icky trolls and taking out my aggression out on some orks as well).

I have played EQ (the first time around), DAOC, SW:G and now EQ2 and have realized long ago what a monumental time-suck these games are...I mean, I could be doing laundry or composing music or even spending time with Bear, Girlzoot or any number of friends...but I know that I will play this game for a few months (until the snow melts) in the wee hours (when I can't really bug anyone anyway) and then I will get back to reality.

So, if you are playing EQ2, watch out for half-elf bard Kalendra on the Nektulos server!


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