Wednesday, May 25, 2005

feline diabetes

So, I was getting ready to go to work yesterday, when my eldest cat/daughter (Princess Kitten, 10 years old, 1/2 maine coon, 1/2 sneaky neighbor cat) got my attention by getting sick right in front of me.

Long story short (too late)...the wonderful vet doctors at Alameda East Vet Hospital (home of TLC's Animal Planet "Emergency Vets" TV show) told us that our baby had feline diabetes...which, considering we thought she was having kidney (renal) failure...diabetes is a much less-scary diagnosis.

Good news 1: she is going to be ok once we get the insulin and such worked out.

Good news 2: Alameda East is working with a pet drug company (Intervet) doing trials for a new kind of cat insulin (made from piggies). This company pioneered porcine insulin for dogs a few years ago (Vetsulin) and now they are trying to do the same for kitties.

Good news 3: if all goes well with the trial, Princess Kitten will be recieving tests/meds/care at no cost.

Bad news: T-rex must get over her overwhelming and crippling fear of needles/syringes and learn to poke her baby kitty 2x a day.

Needless to say, I will be reading up on this and trying to be the most educated I can on this issue. Lemme know if there is any book/site/etc. that you think would be helpful to myself and Princess Kitten as we start down another road together.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


lonely socks

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

go google yerself

my best buddy, ol' Girlzoot has vowed never to google herself and now i kinda see why.

in a fit of weirdness i did just that tonight with my own moniker...

evidently, a namesake of mine is wanted in Honolulu for a parole violation (in her description it says she is 5'1", weighs 325 lbs and has a "heavy" build...what other type of build can you have at that weight/height, i wonder?).

kinda makes me glad my life is so boring that when i google my name, i don't ever find anything about me.