Saturday, June 04, 2005

you'd think it would be at ISU...*

While catching up on my local news, I came across this article.
It talks about the Modern Drunkard magazine's annual convention which is taking place in Denver this week.
In the article is the following:

Michael Haines, director of the National Social Norms Resource Center at Northern Illinois University, attributes some of the shift to the aging baby-boomer generation that is determined not to let the excessive behavior of their own youth pervade their children's culture.

What gets me is not the content of the above factoid...but the fact that the "National Social Norms Resource Center" is at my alma mater.

WTF? When did this happen, in my happy time at NIU, I did not ever come across this department/area/discpline. In looking at the NIU NSNRC home page, it looks like it might have started in 2002...well after my 1993 graduation (with University Honors, I might add).

* can anyone guess why it would be more appropo for the NSNRC to be at ISU? Please forgive me for the horrible Land o' Lincoln humor.


At 2:54 PM, Blogger girlzoot said...

Normal, Il hardee har har...very cute.


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