Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fantastic 4

Saw a sneak preview tonight at far as "superhero" flicks go...this is worth a see.

In my superhero movie rankings (where Hulk is a -123 and X2 is +zillion) it is up there with the 2 Spidey movies (better than S2, equal with S1, imho). It might not match the comic book 100% but it is a good story and the interplay between the characters is fun (especially Ben "the Thing" Grimm and Johnny "the Human Torch" Storm).

So, grab a soda and some popcorn and go see a fun, comic book movie. Call me when you go see it, I just may want to see it again. Ioan Gruffudd is dreamy :)

PS...Stan the Man does make a cameo appearance

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sandra D

Girlzoot: What do you think about Sandra Day O'Connor retiring.
T-Rex: Wow! I didn't even know she was still acting...I love all those 60's beach movies she did!

**sound of Girlzoot sobbing**

Girlzoot: Seriously, what do you think?
T-Rex: Well, I read that she was retiring to spend more time with her husband who has Alzheimer's. It seems to me that since he has Alzheimer's it would be the perfect chance for her to work even more and when he asks where she's been all day she can say "Why, right here with you, my darling don't remember??".

lost opera found

Antonio Vivaldi's "Motezuma"