Saturday, September 10, 2005

I can't make this $h!7 up!

True story...

I work non-traditional hours and as autumn is nearing, it is inevitably dark when I, and others who share my shift, are leaving work. I do work for a great company and we have security to watch us as we leave as our building is kinda in the middle of no-where and hemmed on 3 sides by empty fields and the parking lot is fairly gi-normus. The guards at work usually ask if we want escorted out to our cars, but everyone mostly says "no"; so the guards just hang out by the employee entrance and watch as the ten-or-so people leave…sounds great, huh?

Well, on Wednesday night I stayed late to do paperwork and when I finished, I fully expected there to be an empty lot with my car parked about 100 yards out (the bad thing about working the later shifts is that parking sucks) and nothing to worry about. As I started down the sidewalk, one of the guards was actually still out there and I did that "smile and dip your head thing to signify that I am being friendly even though I have no idea what your name is" and he started to walk out with me.

"I don’t need an escort out to my car", said I
"That’s ok," quoth the guard, "I don’t mind."

Oh, well, I needed to check my cell phone messages and I did so as I started the 100-yard trek to my car. The guard stayed just far enough behind me so that I kept getting that "someone is following me" feeling and I kept looking back over my shoulder. Sorta weird, but mostly harmless.

Then his cell phone went off.

Now, I am a self-admitted geek. I role-play, love sci-fi from Dr. Who to BG, stood in line with Rx Princess for hours to meet Bruce Campbell, you get the point. But one genre that I am not too fond of is horror; horror movies WIG ME OUT but I still know lots about them as I am a child of the 80’s (the best decade for horror, perhaps) and Bear is a walking encyclopedia of horror movie knowledge.

So, like I said, the security guard's cell phone went off with a ring tone that is perhaps the worst choice for a security guard to have while walking behind a lone woman at night in a creppy, dark parking lot.

Like the title says, I can't make this shit up.


At 11:58 AM, Blogger Celtzo said...


Sorry, couldn't help it... that is just TOO freaky.. and now I want that for my ring tone!

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Shayachern said...

It could be worse, Val has Tubular Bells.


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