Sunday, May 21, 2006


My 8th wedding anniversary is this week and i felt an urge to look up what the traditional 8 year anniversary gift is (bronze or pottery) and what the modern gift idea is (appliances, linens, lace, tourmaline jewelry). Throwing traditional conventions aside, we are not really exchanging gifts this year, but instead we are going to take some white-water kayaking lessons. Thus continues our own tradition of doing something stupid/dangerous on our wedding anniversary because really, getting married is one of the more stupid/dangerous ideas around.

What interests me is that the guide that had the info on what the traditional/modern gifts for anniversaries are - went all the way up to the 100th wedding anniversary. 100 freaking years of marriage? Holy matrimony, Batman! What is the proper gift for a 100th wedding anniversary you might ask? (well go on, ask)...It is a 10 carat diamond.

After 100 years of marriage who could muster the strength to lift 10 carats? I think one would be lucky to lift the spoon of gruel to your beloved's lips.


At 7:36 AM, Blogger girlzoot said...

If you can afford a ten carat at 100 years, you pretty much are paying someone else to spoon feed the beloved I'm thinking.


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