Tuesday, July 04, 2006

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!

i am coming to you live from the Space Coast where i am visiting my p's and most of the rest of my family (including my incredibly cute 8 month old nephew, the hobbit)...today was the launch of the space shuttle Discovery and i was lucky enough to watch it from the beach off Jefferson street in Cape Canaveral (for you who need to know it is halfway between Jetty Park and the Cocoa Beach Pier) which lies about 6 miles from the launch pad.
the shuttle launch was picture perfect (i will try to post some pics when i return to denver as my p's computer is way to slow for any decent uploads/downloads).
tomorrow i am dragging my mom to some touristy places (Ron Jons, Cocoa Beach Surf Co, etc) and thursday we are off to SILVER SPRINGS!!
i know you are sooo jealous :)
anyway - hello from florida - wish you were here!


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