Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's in a name...

So, my Twin is preggers again and will not know the sex of said child for a couple of more weeks.
Her first, my nephew Hobbit (not his real name), has a good name made up of Chef's (hubby o Twin) 2 grandfather's names. Because Chef named Hobbit, Twin gets to totally name this baby.
Her first choice for a boy (and they are hoping for a boy) is August...and then they can call him Augie or Gus. ERP.
To me August sounds like a girls name - or at best an androgynous name (a la "Pat")...and Augie just brings up images of Augie Doggie and Augie Daddy, the cartoon.
Now, one of the best blogs about, imho, is Defective Yeti and lo and behold what he has to say about this name.
I dunno, maybe it is because I am a DINK and only have to worry about naming my pets...perhaps I am just "out of it" when it comes down to children's naming conventions of the 21st century...but if Twin names baby 2 "August", I see me having to find a more suitable nickname and making sure that sticks harder than his real name.
After all, what else is an Evil Auntie for?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crocodile down...

My hubby has always said that the Crocodile Hunter was going to go out in a grisly way...and like a modern day Cassandra, he was totally right.

Steve Irwin has died in a manner, while very appropo for what he lived his life doing.

I suppose there are worse ways to go than having a venomous sting ray spine thrust thru you heart...but right now, I can't imagine what that could be.

In recorded history, there has only been one person to actually survive a cardiac sting (read about it here).

I only hope that Terri (Mrs. the Crocodile Hunter) and their kids are going to be fine.